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Lifting unit target



1.   Appointment.                                                                                                                 


The unit is designed for the construction of an environment  target and conducting firing of handguns.


2. Product composition.

2.1. Case.

  • The case is made of stainless steel with a thickness of two millimeters, equipped with a carrying handle and a heat shield (optional) from direct sunlight.
  • External connectors are in the niche and protected from mechanical influences and from direct precipitation.

2.2. Drive.

  • Crank turns the external drive shaft, which is connected to the gear motor.
  • The control circuit of the electric motor with a microprocessor has multiple layers of protection from emergency situations.

2.3. Control block.

  •  Using a 32-bit microprocessor made it possible to get a smart device with the ability to quickly build opportunities.
  • Transfer of commands to the control unit is made via an external connector on the CAN tire or via radio.

 1.4. Additional external devices.

  • 1)  Sensor hit.
  • 2)  Target light.
  • 3)   Light-return fire.
  • 4)   Battery power supply.
3. Technical data.


        16-22 kilo. Depends on the configuration.

Working temperature:

         In the standard -25…+40 ° C.

        With built-in internal heating - 40…+40 ° C.

        With built-in battery - 25…+40 ° C.

        With an external block battery +5…+40 ° C.

Parameters voltage for charging:

         Option  220 V. +10% -15%  (standard equipment)

         Option  110 V.. +10% -15%  

         Option   42 V. +10% -15%  

         Option   36 V. External battery

         Option   18 V. Built-in battery

Power consumption:

        During the movement of the target - not more than 120 Watt.

        While waiting - 5 Watt.  

Power engine:

        12 or 24 V. DC.

The angle of rotation of the output shaft:    

        85° or 90°.

Maximum torque of shaft:

        80 or 50 Nm.

The time lifting (rotation) of the target:

        1,1-1,3 or 0,8-1 s.

Intensity of use:


Recommended operating time:

        Not more than 200 cycles per day.